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Pure Embodiment Spa Products

"Pure Embodiment Topical CBD products provide one of the most convenient ways to take advantage of the benefits of CBD."

"Who knew pain relief could smell this good..."

Pure 100mg Cream Box (Wide).png

Pure Embodiment  100mg cbd muscle & Joint Cream 1.7oz

Pure 150 Massage Body Oil Box.png

Pure Embodiment  150mg CBD Massage & Body Oil 1oz

Pure 250mg Misting Spray Box.png

Pure Embodiment  250mg CBD Hydrating Misting Spray 1oz



Muscle & Joint Cream

With our proprietary blend of essential oils known for their anti-inflammatory properties, Pure Embodiment Topical CBD Creams can provide relief from inflammation, joint pain, skin irritation and more.



Massage & Body Oil

All natural and plant derived, Pure Embodiment Massage & Body Oil is perfect for use in the home or spa. Enjoy ultra smooth skin and long lasting relief from Muscle Tension with our soothing therapeutic aroma, rich oils, natural vitamins, and CBD.



hydrating Misting Spray

Our Pure Hydrating Misting Spray is enriched with Aloe Vera, Botanical Extracts and infused with CBD. Perfectly formulated for fast absorption  to help nourish your skin and relieve pain. Whether at home or on the go, quickly spray hard-to-reach areas and feel ready to go within minutes.

Muscle & Joint Cream
Massage Oil
Misting Spray

Pure Embodiment Sport Products

"I just throw it in my gym bag and go."

"I feel like I can wear this anywhere, before or after my workout."

Pure 200mg Sport Cream Box.png

Pure Embodiment  200mg CBD Muscle & Joint Sports Cream 1.7oz



Muscle & Joint Sports Cream

Get fast relief from sore muscles helping you reduce recovery time between workouts getting you back on your feet faster. Double the strength and specially formulated for those who live an active lifestyle in the gym or on the field.



Sports Spray Lotion

Quickly spray targeted areas for fast pain relief. A light formula for fast absorption makes this the go to product for athletes. Stay at your peak performance with the pain relieving properties of

CBD & organic essential oils. 

Pure 300mg Spray Lotion Box.png

Pure Embodiment  300mg CBD Sports Spray Lotion 1.7oz

Sport Muscle & Joint Cream
Spray Lotion

At Pure Embodiment we care about what goes into and on our bodies. All of our topical products are Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, Phthalates Free, and Cruelty Free.

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Our products are specially formulated with Essential Oils rather than fragrances, not only for their amazing scents, but also for the wonderful properties they possess

Made with hemp-derived CBD, organically grown in the USA, and 100% THC-Free.

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