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Pure Embodiment encompasses a philosophy of what we believe to be three pillars of a natural approach to healing:


  • Achieving a state of good Health to improve our physical and mental well-being

  • Promoting Wellness and a lifestyle that helps us bring back the natural balance in our body and mind

  • Natural Care and the responsibility of protecting our body through an organic approach to enhance our body's natural healing capacity

Pure Embodiment combines the healing properties of hemp derived CBD with essential oils to provide relief to areas of muscle tension, joint ailments, irritation/itch, and skin conditions.


Our mission is to combine CBD with high end, natural skin care to revolutionize the way we respond to inflammation and pain.

We use only the top industrial grade hemp CBD that is tested through a 3rd party to ensure purity.  To provide transparency we are happy to provide testing results to all of our customers upon request.


Our Founders

Our journey into the CBD industry began in 2016 although we’ve been long believers in the natural, therapeutic benefits of the cannabis plant. 


Founder, Tiffany Redmon, has been a long time sufferer of chronic neck pain and was amazed to be able to turn from taking daily ibuprofen pills to a natural alternative in topical CBD.  Tiffany grew up knowing she wanted to help people and her career began by changing the lives of children as an elementary school teacher. As life changed, her passion to help others and her first hand discovery of the powerful anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties of CBD helped lead to the founding of Pure Embodiment.


With a background in business and entrepreneurship, founder James Redmon II has waited his life for this opportunity.  While working as a Financial Advisor at a top national firm, J realized that while he was helping people financially, he was spending his life away from his family.  After seeing how topical CBD benefited his mother, he made the decision to focus his energy on helping people through the healing properties of topical CBD while having the flexibility to be present for his family. 


We have been blessed to be able to change so many people’s lives all while keeping this a family run company.  We are committed to sharing the benefits of hemp CBD products while continuing to add more health and wellness products to Pure Embodiment in the future.   

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